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4 high-converting ad formats
Domain Redirect
Floating Push
  • Unmatched ad visibility – push notifications are the only ads that are delivered to user devices in the same way as other alerts, which gives them unmatched visibility.
  • Creates a sense of urgency – alerts on smartphones and desktops are often read right away, creating a sense of urgency in your ads.
  • Advanced customization options – these alerts can be customized to your audiences in order to yield better results.
  • Higher CTR than other leading formats – because they appear like regular device notifications, push alerts have a much higher CTR than other formats.
  • Billions of potential users worldwide – there are billions of smartphone and desktop users in the world, all of which have the potential of opting into push notifications.
Floating Push
  • Doesn’t require opt-in – floating push notifications can be sent out to users that are browsing specific pages.
  • Can be tailored to any industry – as with conventional notifications, floating pushes are ideal for virtually all industries.
  • Suitable for all devices – floating push notifications can be sent to all devices, including iOS devices like iPhones.
  • Wider reach than conventional push notifications – because there are no device restrictions or opt-in requirement, this format offers a wider reach than conventional push.
  • Cost-effective – floating push ads deliver superb ROI, making it one of the most innovative yet cost-effective options out there.
  • Enhance user experience – pop unders can be used to enrich the user experience by delivering ads that are related to the content that the audience is currency viewing.
  • Ideal for promoting large-scale creatives – pop ads give advertisers a huge amount of space to develop attractive, large-scale creatives.
  • Higher ROI than many other formats – even though they have been around for some time, pop ads still have a higher average ROI than other formats.
  • Non-invasive – unlike other formats, pop unders don’t interrupt user experience because they appear behind the visible screen.
  • Highly targetable – pop unders can be targeted by keyword, GEO, language, and other variables in order to get the best results.
Domain Redirect
  • Extremely high relevance – zero click traffic consists of visitors who are actively searching for content online, which results in ultra-engaged audiences.
  • Suitable for all GEOs and country tiers – domain redirects occur in every country and language, so it’s ideal for all regions and country tiers.
  • Superb performance metrics – from CTR to conversion rate and ROI, zero click ads deliver superb performance metrics if leveraged properly.
  • Non-disruptive – instead of hindering user experience, domain redirect ads can give users access to relevant content even after misspelling a URL.
  • Can have full commercial intent (as well as informational) – domain redirects can be used to distribute information, generate leads, and produce sales because their intent varies.
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Targeting Capabilities
Geo Targeting
Our DSP geotargeting features allow you to reach people by country, city, town and even parts of towns.
Interest Targeting
Target people based on their interests to ensure your campaign only reaches those who will engage with it.
Browser Targeting
Choose from a range of the most popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, IE and more.
Carriers Targeting
Choose from a comprehensive list of Carriers to reach with your campaign
OS Targeting
Target people using specific desktop and mobile operating systems.
Keywords Targeting
Build a list of keywords relevant to your campaign and our system will ensure your ads only appear on sites containing those keywords.
Device Targeting
Device targeting features allow you reach people by any device from desktop to smartphones.
Frequency & Budget Caps Targeting
Our DSP geotargeting features allow you to reach people by country, city, town and even parts of towns.
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